One-Visit Crowns

For many patients, the hardest part about getting needed treatment is the time required for office appointments. For that reason, we are glad to offer one-visit porcelain crowns and onlays. In the past, replacing an old crown or getting a new crown (also called a “cap”) took at least two visits. In the first, a model would be made of the tooth to be sent to a lab to make the crown. Then, the patient would return once the crown was finished for it to be permanently set in the mouth. Sometimes, if the new crown was not quite right, a second one would be ordered from the lab and in a third visit, the patient would finally be fitted with the crown.

Now, for most patients, the entire procedure can be completed in one visit to the office. The crowns are made in the office using the CEREC system (and you can even see your crown as it is milled, in the unit pictured above). Of course, for more complicated cases, several visits may still be required for the optimal solution, but the vast majority of patients in need of a crown can leave their first visit with the new, permanent crown in place.

Sedation Dentistry

We are pleased to offer sedation dentistry for patients who are extremely anxious or need a large amount of treatment in one day. Sedation dentistry involves the use of nitrous oxide (“laughing gas”), taking a small pill or starting an IV that will make you very drowsy. This will allow us to restore your mouth to health while you very comfortably relax in the chair with a warm blanket and neck pillow. You will rest unaware of the treatment and will not remember it afterwards. This service is ideal for the highly fearful patient whose anxiety has caused them to neglect their mouths or for the busy patient who wants to avoid multiple appointments for the dental treatment they need. The procedure is very safe but you will need someone to drive you home at the end of the procedure. Call our office today if you think sedation dentistry could be right for you or someone you know and we can help determine which sedation route is right for you.



When teeth become missing, it’s important to determine if replacement is necessary to prevent other teeth from shifting, chewing problems or cosmetic concerns. Whether you decide to replace them with something that comes in and out of the mouth or something more permanent, dental implants are a great way to support and replace individual or multiple teeth. An implant is a root shaped device that goes underneath the gums. After a healing period, the replacement tooth can be connected to the implant or a partial/complete denture can be attached to keep it from moving around as much. While other replacement options require modification of adjacent teeth, implants don’t rely on anything but themselves for support. Because of this, they are one of the most reliable procedures a dentist can provide and also the most long lasting option for replacing teeth.


When it comes to improving your smile, it’s often times not just working with the teeth that gives the most cosmetic result. Botulism toxin can be used to help enhance your smile by getting rid of unwanted wrinkles or to treat showing of excess gums (“gummy smiles”). It is also helpful in preventing or lessening the pain and headaches resulting from overuse of the muscles that move your mouth. If you’re one of the many people that have lost healthy tooth structure due to grinding or clenching but you can’t tolerate a night guard, botulism toxin may be able to help you as well. The medicine does wear off over time and since results can be cumulative, it is smart to stay on a recall schedule, just like your cleanings.



Unfortunately not all teeth can be saved. If it’s determined a tooth needs to be extracted, it’s best to remove it as soon as possible to
prevent pain or infection. It is just as important to discuss with your dentist whether replacing the tooth is recommended. Missing
teeth can lead to bite issues, the surrounding teeth shifting around and cosmetic concerns. Over time, changes in the bone due to lost
teeth can limit the number of replacement options for you so it’s best to replace the tooth as soon as possible.

Digital X-Ray

Because our practice has invested in a digital x-ray system, your exposure to radiation is up to 90% less than traditional x-ray systems. In addition, our use of digital x-ray files means that fewer resources are used to print copies of your films. And, if your treatment requires coordination between your doctor and specialists, your x-rays can be quickly and easily sent electronically to your specialists, saving you time and reducing the need for multiple x-rays at different offices.


Teeth Whitening

Modern teeth bleaching began around 1997 with the concept of using bleaching gel in custom-made trays. Since that time, commercial manufacturers of bleaching gels have developed products for over-the-counter and Internet purchase, and have advertised one-hour in-office dentist-supervised teeth bleaching. While these options are safe, and can often be effective for patients, the results can be unpredictable. Short term sensitivity, pain, and disappointing or uneven whitening are common.


As with most treatment decisions, there are trade-offs associated with each strategy and there are several important questions to answer.

  • How white would you like your teeth to be?
  • How much time are you willing to personally invest in the process?
  • How sensitive are your teeth presently, and what is your tolerance for pain and sensitivity?
  • What cost is comfortable for you?
Level of Whitening Possible Time Required Potential for Temporary Sensitivity / Pain Typical Costs
Over-the-Counter(Crest WhiteStrips, Rembrandt, Colgate, etc.) Modest May be uneven 2 – 4 weeks following careful instructions Mild – Significant Unpredictable $20-50
In-Office Procedure Moderate – Significant Higher levels of whitening may require multiple visits 90 minutes in-office Mild – Moderate $350 / session
Custom trays to be used at home Moderate Nightly while sleeping for 14 nights Mild Due to excellent fit of tray $400 Custom trays and 14 day bleach supply
In-office procedure PLUS custom-trays Moderate – Significant 90 minutes in-office Nightly for 14 nights Mild – Significant $680 1 in-office session, custom trays, and 14 day bleach supply


Like many families, ours are always looking for new ways to lead healthier, more ecologically conscious and natural lives. As a practice, we take steps both large and small to make our care as safe and non-invasive as possible. We continually make substantial investments in new technologies to provide the most advanced treatment options, including the use of lasers, mercury-free materials, digital x-rays, and the least invasive options for routine care. In smaller ways, we also work to reduce our environmental impact and provide a natural and safe environment for our patients and staff. (One staff favorite is our own weekly in-office yoga session.) Above all, we provide the high level of care to all of our patients that we would require for our own families.